TweetDeck is bought for $40 Million by Twitter

There had been rumors about Twitter that it will soon acquire the popular third-party app, TweetDeck. In early May, Mike Arrington from TechCrunch reported that the deal was almost done, but TweetDeck and Twitter were not yet willing to publicly release the numbers.

Finally, CNN and CNET broke the news that Twitter has acquired TweetDeck for $40 million today. Twitter has yet to confirm, but based on sources close to the deal, TechCrunch reported that the deal is done.

Previously, reports indicated that TweetDeck was once on the verge of being acquired by Bill Gross’ UberMedia and Twitter was having none of that. In order to prevent Ubermedia from snatching another part of market share, Twitter rushed with an counteroffer-an offer now proved to be on that TweetDeck couldn’t refuse.That’s how the bidding war happen and Twitter ended up acquiring TweetDeck. They just can’t lose Twitter-related startup to other companies.For more information about the previous news, check it out here.

However, there are also some opinions against this acquisition as some of  them think that their money could be better spent elsewhere.

So, what do you think about it? Is it a good deal?




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