TweetLouder Helps You Find Your Favorite Bands

I remember when I first started using Twitter; the only people I follow were my friends and my favourite artists, of course, now that Twitter is a widely popular network, I follow my muse, inspirations, daily quotes, and what not. TweetLouder is an application that scans your iTunes, Pandora,, and SonicLiving accounts to help you track down the Twitter account of your favourite artists.

With TweetLouder’s help, you can see all the artists that is in your library, moreover, you will also get to see their tour schedule and where they will be playing next. While there is no option for you to add the artist to your Twitter list, whether individually or in mass but for a free application, it is quite worth it.

I wish there’s an application that automatically finds people that matches your tweet or has similar interest because I sometime find that when I search for them, I don’t find the exact same match. Perhaps, in the future there will be applications that ask you to take a personality test to match with other Twitter users in order to see if we will benefit from following each other. Sooner or later, they might even release TweetReader where you can follow your favourite authors, either way, it is quite cool to see progress in the Twitter world for the Twitter fans.

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