Twitpic releases free iPhone app

Twitpic, the photo sharing service had released its first application for the iPhone.  This free application is offering users to share and edit photos such as Instagram on Twitter!

Twitpic was launched in 2008 by Noah Everett. Back then, it was unable to share a picture on Twitter. He uses another service to upload the pictures and then use the link to the bite-sized Twitter. So this the story of Twitpic though.

Noah Everett said in an interview with Venturebeat:   “We’ve always relied on third-party developers … but we wanted to provide a better experience for our users,”

The built-in photo editor is allowing people to share photos and videos easily. The editing features will allow you to edit photos such as cropping and other basic adjustments. The filters seem look-a-like Instagram filers which users can polish their photo through a number of tools.

“We’ve continued to still grow [in terms of] users and photo and video uploads. We hope the mobile app will spur on more growth’’ said Noah Everett.

One of the new features, you can view and add comments to Twitpics. Isn’t that a handy feature? You can also see photos and videos from people who you follow on Twitter.

Soon there will be an Android version of Twitpic!  Now Twitpic is available for download at the app store.  However, there are other apps out there which provide the same service as Twitpic. So would you use Twitpic? And let us know why.

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