Twitter app updates bring new well-loved features for iOS and Android users

Hello Twitter users, Twitter announced updates of its apps for iOS and Android with new features.

In both apps,  users are able to find friends via existing email or phone contacts lists and the contact information will be uploaded to Twitter’s servers. Therefore, you can only find people who are also using this service. Navigate to ‘Find Friends’ feature and click on ‘OK’ before proceeding to use this service.

Referring to Twitter Blog:

We’ve added a confirmation alert when you select “Find friends”. This notification more clearly and explicitly messages the fact that when you upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, you can quickly find which of your friends are on Twitter (that is, if they’ve chosen to be discoverable by email or phone number).

Android and iPhone users both can interact with other people without leaving their own timeline like to reply, share or retweet posts. However, there are some differences regarding the updates of these both phones.

There are a lot of improvements for iOS users, which is really great.  Users can copy and paste the text of tweets, change the front settings and mark the messages as read.  The new ‘read it later’ service is an option to save links within tweets to read it later. Moreover, Twitter for iOS can also add links to Safari’s ‘Reading list’. For the Android users, this update optimizes Twitter to run on Ice cream Sandwich version. The scrolling and network performances are improved. However, there are less improvements compared with iOS.  But who knows what the future  will bring.

If you have time, check the update at your app stores!

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