Twitter Launches Follow Button for Websites

Just like Facebook “like” button, Twitter launched its own “Follow” button to let users subscribe to the Twitter feeds without the need to be directed to their respective accounts on

With a single click “Follow” button, user can opt to follow the company.  According to Mashable, the new feature will encourage publishers to increase the number of “follow us” prompts on their sites as they would not have to risk redirecting their audience away from their own websites.

Before choosing to follow them, users will still be able to preview profiles by clicking the username next to the Follow button.

If you are interested in adding the “follow” button to your website, you can do it here.

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  1. shahzina Reply June 3, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Eventually, either twitter will buy out its partners like it did with tweetdeck or will kick them out like with TwitPic. Although, getting rid of third party tools partners may the default choice of twitter, however, it was probably a bit difficult in case of tweetdeck due to its offerings (or may be other reasons) which led twitter in buying them rather than getting rid of them. Not all other partners should hope for the same treatment by twitter though. They should all start preparing themselves for their D day now which may happen anytime in future now.