Twitter Timely Tweets

Twitter is going to take another step forwards in its slow-moving advertising business today. Advertisers now have an better chance to get their messages directly in front of some users, by placing advertisements at or near the top of “timelines”.

The promoted tweets will scroll through the timeline like any other Tweets and like regular Tweets, they will appear in the timeline just once. It can be easily removed with just a click.

However, marketers will only be able to deliver the ads to users who are already their followers. Besides, users will not see the ads if they are not on Twitter’s main site. The ads won’t appear when clients such as TweetDeck, Twitter on iPhone are used.

The feature will be rolled out and tested over the next few weeks with a group of partners like  Best WesternDellGatoradeGrouponHBO,JetBlueLivingSocialMicrosoft XboxRed BullSephoraStarbucksSummit Entertainment’s “50/50”TNT and Virgin America. Some non-profit organizations are also among the partners.

What do you think about this? A privilege for fans to know the latest announcement from your favorite brand? A reason for you to use Twitter less?


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