Twitter Translation Center

twitter translationThere’s no doubt that Twitter has become a part of our lives; some of us are tweet gurus, some do it occasionally, and some just register for an account because everyone’s talking about it. Realizing that people across the globe are registered members, Twitter decided to take its platform one step ahead by offering a translation center, where users can help translate the site into their own languages.

Twitter launched its Translation Center on Valentine’s Day in hope that the users will voluntarily contribute in translating the site into their own languages. The languages that Twitter aim to have in the near future is Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish to add to their already available languages of English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Users that volunteer to translate are basically, translating the website and not the messages that people are tweeting on. This is of course, a non-paid task but the twitterers that help translate the site will receive a little badge on their public Twitter profile which indicates that they are the official Twitter Translator and that is quite cool, not to mention can draw some amount of followers. The Twitter Translator’s badges vary from level 1 to 10 and this depends on how much the user translates to how accurate the translation is.

Word is that Twitter does not only plan to translate its website but to expand the translation to other applications that is related to Twitter. Hello, globalization.

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  1. Sizzie Reply August 6, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I’ve reached Level 8 and I was very careful when voting, seriously. When can I get a badge? I’m hyped. 🙂