Twitter updates iOS and Android apps

Twitter improves some features such as Discover Tab, Search and Push Notifications. These features will keep you close to your smartphone!

The Twitter updates will make it easier for users to search and find new information. The Discover Tab on the web is now also on its mobile app. It has the same functionality such as helping users to find out what tweets their followers have retweeted or made into favourites. It will also show you if someone of your network has decided to follow a new person or add a new person to their list.

Under the Discover tab there is a new ‘Activity’ stream. According to Twitter:

”Activity is a stream of updates that shows which Tweets are favorited or retweeted by the people you follow and which accounts those people follow or add to lists. Activity allows users to tap any story once to see Tweets about a particular trend or news article. You can then read the entire story or join the conversation by replying, retweeting or favoriting related Tweets.”

The ‘Search’ tab has been updated which is now offering alternative spellings for search items. It is even giving suggestions for related terms. The update is also allowing users to find other users fast under the ‘Connect’ tab. If you start typing the first or last name, the name will autocomplete for people that you follow.

Sung Hu Kim, Twitter product manager wrote: “We’ve also made a few improvements specifically for iPhone: when you tap the search box in Discover, you’ll see your most recent queries. You can also go directly to someone’s profile when searching for a username in Connect.”

Experience the Twitter updates on your iOS or Android devices!

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