Twitter’s Promoted Tweets now rolled out to Blackberry

Businesses and brands can only target iPhone and Android users on Twitter, but now the Twitter service has extended the BlackBerry devices to target RIM users,.

Since last month, advertisers have been able to target Android and iOS users. Now Twitter rolled out to help brands connect with more mobile users so advertisers can reach BlackBerry users as well. This could increase the revenue stream of businesses.

On the BlackBerry device the Promoted Tweets will appear at or near the top of the timelines for users who follow a brand. However, it will also show up in user’s timeline when they have similar interests to the brand’s followers. So the promoted tweets can show up any time on the users timeline, however the users have the ability to dismiss the promoted tweets anytime.

Now advertisers got five options to select which devices and platforms they want to target: Desktop and laptop computers, iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices.

This new feature will help brands to reach Twitter users more easily. While the market share of BlackBerry is falling, Twitter still wants to roll out the promoted tweets for BlackBerry in order to bring advertisers and any type of audience more closely.

Twitter is definitely expanding their targeted advertising program!


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