U.S. Army to Equip Troops With Smartphones

After Singapore Armed Forces(SAF) provides recruits doing Basic Military(BMT) with iPad to sharpen their fighting skills, U.S. Army is going to do something similar too.

U.S. Army troops will soon be equipped with smartphone as one of the weapons. Now they are testing out the viability of using touchscreen phones and tablets in combat with a six-weeks pilot program.

The smartphones will be used to text message updates about surroundings, send pictures with an attached GPS location, pull up maps and fill up regular reports. Via Augmented Reality(AR), the phone will also able to overlay information on an image of nearby surroundings with the camera and GPS. Army director for the program, Michael McCarthy believes that young soldiers will be comfortable with the gadget.

More than 300 Android, iPhones and Windows Phone Units were tested. There were some problems testing iPhone in the dessert grounds as there is no mobile service provided there. The tests found these gadgets resilient as they are able to survive under sandstorms and rugged conditions. The reason of using the commercially available technology as one of their weapons is it is more economical than developing one on their own.


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