Uni Students Quit School To Launch An Educational Social Platform

Entrepreneurship is not only for adult anymore.

Three students Jospeph Cohen, Dan Getelman, and Jim Granpre are quitting from University of Pennsylvania to launch a new education startup called Coursekit. They had even collected $1 million of seed fund that comes from Founder Collective, IA Ventures, Shasta Ventures and some angels.

As these three kids are frustrated with the current online course management standard Blackboard, they think they should create a better one with Coursekit.

The CEO, Cohen said that Coursekit is really a Blackboard replacement with a heavy emphasis on social networking. In other words, Coursekit will be like a Facebook for college courses.

With Coursekit, professor will be able to manage their course and interactions with students. Also, teachers can post their syllabus, reading materials, grades, calendars,links and so on.

Coursekit lets students communicate with each other and share links videos, MP3, and other files like PDFs. This is to encourage them to bring in relevant material from the web to enhance the course and teach each other.

The social platform will be launched in August 2011.

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