UpTo launches social calendar app for iOS

The company Rock City Apps launched a designed social calendar UpTo. This social calendar is a combination of calendars and social media, which allow you to plan and share events with your friends!

In these days, dates and time become very important for us due to our busy life. Thanks to Social Media such as Facebook people do not forget birthdays anymore. However, this app is created to be more efficient and social with your calendar and will give more insight into your friend’s schedules!

There are already existing calendars such as Google Calendar which is created to share events. However, UpTo app can build up from your Facebook list or your address book while Google Calendar can only be social with other Google account holders.

Rock city Apps said this about UpTo:

‘’UpTo is a platform focused on the future tense that makes sharing calendar events simple and social. Other social applications are based on status updates and check-ins that are after-the-fact. UpTo lets friends see what’s coming, ahead of time. The platform is built on top of your existing calendar and social graph.’’


The idea behind this app UpTo is to make your calendar a bit more public so people can learn of all the upcoming events from your friend’s profiles. The app UpTo lets people create groups (Friends, Work and Family) and share calendar events to groups or individual in order to build on top your existing calendar and social graph.

UpTo is a free app which is only available for iOS. Tell us your experience with this app, but ofcourse your friends need to download this app as well to make use of this social calendar…..


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