US Smartphone Market Has Fickle Trends

The U.S. smartphone market has trends that are continuously fluctuating. Based on monthly surveys of US mobile consumers conducted by Nielsen Company, on July-September 2010 consumers who planned to get new smartphones had the following preferences: 33% wanted an Apple iPhone, 26% wanted a device with Google Android OS, and 13% wanted a RIM Blackberry.

But as fickle as consumers preferences are, these numbers changed and give the Google Android the top spot. The same survey was conducted during January – March 2011 and results varied greatly. The following numbers were obtained regarding the smartphones that consumers planned to buy: 31% preferred Android as the OS, 30% preferred Apple’s iOS and RIM Blackberry went down to 11%. 20% are unsure of what to buy next.



Those numbers are already translating into sales. Half of those surveyed in March 2011 who indicated they had purchased a smartphone in the past six months said they had chosen an Android device. A quarter of recent acquirers said they bought an iPhone and 15 percent said they had picked a Blackberry phone.

So do you think Apple should begin to worry given these numbers? Especially with their recent controversy going on and all.

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