Customers Buys “More”, When a Business Answers Their Question On Twitter

Will you be more likely to make a purchase from a business that answers on Twitter?

According to a recent survey by Twitter Q&A search service inboxQ, 64%  of the inboxQ survey respondents were more likely to make a purchase from a business account that answered their questions on Twitter, 24% were just as likely and only 12% were less likely.

This survey result indicates the need for companies to engage with their customers on Twitter. Customers nowadays want their voice to be heard and responded by companies in real time via social media.

Answering users questions on Twitter will also results in getting more followers. Users are more likely to follow a business that answers their questions, at 59% versus 29% who are just as likely and 12% who are less likely.

Another survey by inboxQ shows that businesses are more likely to answer Twitter users with over 100 followers. One possible reason is that most of the brands might think that it doesn’t worth the effect to answer Twitter users who has less than 100 followers.

So based on the the above survey results, will now your business spend more time to respond to your customers or potential customers on Twitter? Customers will end up buying something from you when you do so. Think about it.


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