VLC 2.0 ‘TwoFlower’ now available with new features


VLC player 2.0 ‘TwoFlower’ is now officially released  by VideoLAN and is available for download. This new version is offering new features, which will make watching videos more attractive! The new features are like faster decoding, a refreshed UI and experimental Blu-ray support.

VLC is the greatest video player on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. And there is finally an update! Mac and Windows users will have a Blu-Ray playback support and only Mac users will experience a new interface. However, the Blu-Ray playback is still in progress, so is currently experimental.So just download VLC 2.0 to what the Blu-Ray playback can offer us. Both Android and iOS users would see the shiny difference between the old and new version.

This new update brings fast decoding on multi-core processors, GPU’s and mobile hardware. More formats are able to open in VLC like HD and 10bits codecs.  According to 9to5Mac the window will be not the same:

Playlist and video output share the same window, service discovery modules can be easily accessed through a sidebar and various audio + video filters are available through the respective panels. Besides that, the interface is noticeably faster and easily expandable.

This all new improvements and features will create a new fresh look of VLC 2.0 ‘TwoFlower’ . I believe this will encourage people to watch more videos through VLC. This update can be downloaded for free, so take a look!

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