Wait, Google Plus Is Not Ready for Business Yet

Google is telling business not to create an profile on Google+ profiles first as they are going to reveal a unique experience for business later this year. They explained that the way users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands. So, Google+ team is now working to include deep analytics and the ability to connect to products like Adwords in profile for brands.

As businesses are discouraged from using regular profiles to connect to Google+ users, Google’s policy team will be shutting down non-users profiles. Brands that has joined Google+ includes Ford, Breaking news and Mashable.

To prepare for new Google+ experience for business, the company is going to carry out a “small experiment with a few marketing partners” to test the brand-oriented accounts over the next few months. Companies can apply to participate in the program by filling up a Google Spreadsheet they has provided.

Brands just can’t wait to go where their customers are. But too bad, Google+ for business is not available yet. Otherwise, it can be tried with experiment mentioned above.

This is the video of  Google+ Product Manager Christian Oestlien explaining about the matter:

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