What exactly will iCloud be?

According to TechCrunch,  Apple will unveil its iCloud service next week at its annual developer conference, WWDC.  Apple announced that the service will be something it almost never does. The news is almost confirmed when Apple bought the domain iCloud.com.  However, we are still not sure how exactly will iCloud look like so far.

Now, we only know 4 things about iCloud. Firstly, iCloud will include a music locker that mirrors your iTunes collection online and makes it available via streaming to any device. Second, iCloud will likely replace Apple’s so-so MobileMe service.Third, iCloud could be baked right into iOS5, which will also be announced at  WWDC.  Fourth, once it’s baked into the OS, any number of new iCloud services can be launched in the future, such as location service for friends and family.

Do you know what does iCloud mean? With iCloud, you will be able to access your collection in the cloud and share it with people online. Right now, all those pictures, songs, and movies are stored in your Macs or iPhones. It is quite a hassle to move it to the web.

When iCloud is launched, you can expect for its own apps too.  Since Apple is going to announce iCloud at its developer conference, I presume that they are letting developers start developing their own apps for iCloud, If iCloud is implemented for iOS 5, it will be great.

I wonder how will Apple charge for its own iCloud apps…. I can’t wait to try it!


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