What Is Wrong With You?

For some of you who are excessively conscious of how others think about you, a new website has been developed that allows your friends (and not so friends) to anonymously comment on what they honestly think about you and how they see youWhatIsWrongWith.Me. Signing-up for this service is free. It has a very simple and easy user-interface design that any one can use. To get started, simply spread the link that the website will ask you to customize to you to people whom you might want to know what their opinion is regarding you.
This website can go two ways – one day you’re flooded with overly joyful messages of praise and worship that say how much of a wonderful person you are, while the next day relentless hate messages are popping up in your face, saying how much of an annoying co-worker you are and that they wish you’d die or something. Then again this can also be a tool to improve yourself.
With that said, this website is not for the faint of heart. People can post nasty things on the net, especially if it’s anonymous. Regardless, I think I will try this out! (Co-workers, friends and family go easy on me please! Go easy on the love messages, I mean. I know you love me. Lol).
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