What You Should Do After Installing OS X Lion

To make you Lion experience much better, there are some tips for you to get ready for the new OS.

Give It Some Time After Installation

You might encounter sluggish performance if you are jumping from Snow Leopard to Lion. But the sluggishness will be gone later. The reason for this is changes that Lion made to the way the Spotlight search works require a reindexing of your hard drive’s contents. This reindexing is done immediately after Lion boots up for the first time. So, just leave it alone for a few hours after installation.




Preview PDF Signing

Here is a cool feature that you must check it out. With Lion’s Preview app, you can move your signature in paper to your computer with Mac’s camera and preview it.

Reverse Mouse Scrolling

Scrolling of the mouse or touchpad is now reversed. Action that once scrolled you up now scrolls you down. Some people do not like it. You can change the setting to use it in your old way by finding checkbox under System Preferences>Trackpad>Scroll and Zoom. After that, set the scroll direction to “natural”.

Software Update 

Update iTunes, iLife, and iWork by just running the Software Update app found under the Apple logo in the upper left of the screen.

Re-enable Dot Indicators For Running Apps

This step only need to be done for those of you who are on a new Lion system. There won’t be a dot indicating that the app is running like what it did in the old OS. So you won’t know whether the app is running or not. To re-enable the dots, go to System Preferences>Dock>Show indicator lights for open applications.

Disable Dashboard In Mission Control

Mission Control has a weird behavior that it pulls your widget dashboard in as if it’s a separate Desktop/Space. You can keep dashboard from appearing in Mission Control by toggling the option found under System Preferences>Mission Contrl>Show Dashboard As Space.

Learn the new multi-touch gestures

There are some multi-touch gestures that gives you cool functions:

  •   Swipe between pages:Scroll left or right with two fingers
  •   Swipe between full-screen apps/ desktops: Swipe left or right with      three fingers
  •   Access Mission Control: Swipe up with three fingers
  •   Show Lauchpad: Pinch with thumb and three fingers
  •   Show desktop: Spread with thumb and three fingers
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