What’s your colleague’s salary? : SalaryShare.me

Sometimes you can’t just help but wonder what your co-worker’s salary is – does she make more money than I do? Nah, I work harder than she does… Unless… She’s the boss’ favorite? Ugh she’s always been such a flirt! Yes, sometimes these irrational thoughts pop-up into our minds and it will plague us and will leave us questioning how in the world can she afford an Hermes bag and I can’t.

Worry no more! SalaryShare is a website that offers a comparison service to allow you to anonymously share salaries with your co-workers, friends, or just about any one else that you feel is a threat to you. All you have to do is to create a pool, send the link to four people and they input their salaries anonymously, and the website will show the salary span without saying who makes what.

The team at job4dev.com created this website in order to help developers and other workers to see how they compare with others, without exactly knowing who’s a millionaire and who’s… not.

Time to get my co-workers join in the fun hehe!

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