Where to get it? Wheretoget.it!

I remember sipping a cup of tea outside Raffles City, City Hall this one day late last year and noticed this girl in a long peach colored maxi dress, her outfit stunned me. I wanted to go up to her and ask where she got it from but I thought it would be very strange so I let it go, I have no clue where the dress is from until today. Wheretoget.it does exactly what we need, just as the name suggested, it answers the question – where to get it?

Roxanne Varza of TechCrunch refers to Wheretoget.it as the Quora for fashionoholics and I could not agree more. The process of using Wheretoget.it is quite as simple as signing up, upload the picture, and just ask other users where to get it.

Browsing through the sites, I see that users are really engage and even provided similar items with range of prices so if Gucci cost too much for you then there’s always an alternative items that looks similar to the one you uploaded. Wheretoget.it reminds me that I always hear random songs on the podcast and never know which song it is, if only there’s a website that does that, would make a lot of difference to my music collection.

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