Who Googled you? This website knows

Nowadays, you just only need a ‘name’ and you might find more information about that person on Google.  Do you know how many times you have been Googled? BrandYourself is a start-up where you can manage your Google results.

BrandYourself is offering cheap and easy approach to manage your Google results. This means that you can manage the way people find you on Google which will motivate you to update your profile. But what kind of people has Googled you?

Tracking your visitor’s demographic information is possible such as location, company and how they found you as well. This kind of information might be useful in a business way though? However this system is not fool proof. Tracking down large organizations might be easy, but smaller organizations might be more difficult.

The competitors of BrandYourself are Ziggs and Naymz. These are also website where you can manage your search results. However, the difference compared with BrandYourself is that they don’t provide any names of the organizations.

Acccording to Patrick Ambron, Co-Founder and CEO of BrandYourself:

‘’Let’s say an advertising student Jim is interviewing at agencies [in] NYC. We can alert Jim and let him know that somebody from Ogilvly just Googled “Jim Armstrong, portfolio” and found his profile. This information is really useful for Jim because it shows him these employers are Googling him and finding him on Twitter, so it’s important he make sure his BrandYourself profile is up to date and he’s using BrandYourself to make sure his first page if filled with positive results, and nothing negative or irrelevant.’’

If you want to make sure that your Google results should be positive, then BrandYourself might be useful for you. Take a look at their website  and let us know whether you will sign up! Curious right now?


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