Will Amazon Unveil New Tablet Computer?


The Kindle-maker announced an invitation-only special event that many are anticipating will be the announcement of its own tablet computer. The tablet is expected to mount a strong challenge to Apple’s iPad.   Amazon wouldn’t comment on the nature of the event.

The event could be the time that Amazon will finally put an end on the rumors surrounding the tablet device.  It could unveil what’s been tagged as the Amazon Kindle Tablet.

TechCrunch.com reported that it had a chance to use a pre-release version of the Amazon Kindle tablet. The online news site reported that the Android-based device will come with a full-color 7-in. touch screen. The price is reported to come in at $250.

Although Amazon did not reveal the topic to be discussed, the consensus among analysts is that a new tablet will be unveiled.

“It’s clearly the tablet,” said Collin Gillis of BGC Financial in New York. “If you’re going to roll out a tablet, you want to roll it out now in front of the holidays, and you roll it out at a price point that’s significantly below the iPad’s — somewhere around $299, or $349 at the most.”

There were numerous iPad competitors that have been introduced over the past 12 moths.  A number of them acclaimed as the biggest challenge to Apple’s dominance.  Amazon’s brand power with the Kindle and Amazon’s ability to integrate its extensive content offerings with a low-cost tablet device has stimulated renewed speculation that Apple may finally face a strong challenge in the tablet market.

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