Will Facebook Start Charging It’s Users?


After Facebook rolled out changes at F8 conference, it generated rumors that the site will charge its users.  This rumor scared quite a few people.   The rumor is that facebook will start charging up to $10 to its users to maintain their account.  The source of the rumor is unknown, but it spread rapidly over the internet and the company was quick to keep it down by stating “ It’s free and always will be” on its homepage.  A  message has also been posted on the Facebook Page.  The post received 504,581 likes, 51,952 comments and 126,094 shares.  The company hopes the move will help dismiss the rumors.








The business model of Facebook is based on advertising and wants many users inorder to attract advertisers.  Charging will decrease the number of users, thus will also decrease the advertising revenue.  There is no reason for Facebook to do such.

Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace are the networking sites that directly compete with Facebook.  If Facebook will be charging a few, it will be a bad idea in terms of dealing with competition since these sites are free.


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