Windows 8 Brings You Touch And PC Interfaces

Traditionally, Microsoft will release new OS every two or three years. So, this coming fall which is two years after Windows 7 was released, the next OS from Microsoft, Windows 8 might be coming out.

The first live demo of Windows 8 was presented at the D9 conference in southern California. Windows 8 is designed to be accessible on both touchscreen and PC interfaces. It looks like an upgraded version of  Windows Phone 7  to me as the Start screen has become tile-based, which replaces the Windows Start menu with a customizable, scalable full-screen views of apps.

The tiles can be customized.You can choose to go back to a more additional Windows desktop with one of those tiles. Maybe Windows is also going to create its own app store as I found one of the tiles is marked “store”. This would be interesting if Microsoft is going to join the war of apps store soon.

According to Microsoft VP Julie Larson-Green, multiple apps can be running simultaneously.  The apps could be switched by swiping from the left corner, and could also be dragged on the same screen in any combination. In addition, menu bar can be brought up by swiping from the right.

The full capabilities of  Windows will still be available, including the Windows Explorer and Desktop, as does compatibility with all Windows 7 logo PCs, software and peripherals. Although the new user interface is designed to be optimal for touch, it works equally well with a mouse and keyboard. You can use any device that you prefer to run Windows 8.

With its touch-optimized interface, maybe in the future  touch-enabled devices such as tablet and smartphones will replace devices with mouse and keyboards.

So, what do you think a about Windows 8?  Here is a video for the preview of Windows 8.


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