Windows Phone Voice-to-Text

As you can see from the video, the latest windows phone’s operating system Mango has the voice-to text function that lets you to control your phone using voice only. It is very handy especially when you are driving.

If you car has Bluetooth built in, you can use car’s sound system to amplify narration for the message and record your response after pairing the phone with it. It is really cool as you will be like talking to your car. A typical “conversation” would sound something like this:

WP: [music pauses]You have a text message from Cody Pardi. You can say read it or ignore.
Me: Read it.
WP: “When will you be home?” You can say reply, call or I’m done.
Me: Reply.
WP: Say your message.
Me: “In about 20 minutes.”
WP: [The phone transcribes and repeats the message] You can say send, try again, or I’m done.
Me: Send. [music resumes]

The voice-to-text feature works for both text and instant messages.It is enabled via the voice recognition and text-to-speech technology found in a Microsoft products such ask Office, Windows, and Xbox. A program manager for this voice feature in Windows Phone, Alex Perez Avila said this feature will set Windows Phone apart from other smartphones. The recognition and transcription accuracy are improved over time without putting additional software on the phone.

The best part of the phone is that it can even speak modern-day abbreviations like TTYL(“talk to you later”), LOL(“laugh out loud”) and Smile (“happy smiley face”).  In Mango, Speech can also can be triggered even when the phone is locked by pressing and holding the Start button. Speech can be used to:

  • Make a phone call by name or nickname
  • Redial a number
  • Call voicemail
  • Search Bing
  • Turn on the speakerphone
  • Start an app while in a call
  • Navigate Maps


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