With Google Takeout, Make Your Data Portable In An Easier Way

After the excitement about Google+ project, we now have Google Takeout to help us take out data from Google easily. Google Takeout is actually part of settings within Google+.You can click on “Data Liberation”  in settings and then you will be able to choose to download all of your profile data, stream data, photos from Picassa, Buzz data, Circles and Contacts.

Previously, downloading personal data was so troublesome as the process needs to involve APIs and separate Google service.  Therefore, the Data Liberation group inside Google created Takeout to make personal data portable, or in other words, make all your Google data across its services available in one place.When your data are downloaded, it will come in a zip file whiccontains html documents in .vcf format.

With Google+ and Google Takeout, Google is now running ahead of Facebook. Sorry, Facebook.

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