YouSticker redefines the meaning of sticky

I’m personally a huge fan of sticky notes; they are just nifty for recording down thoughts and comments on just about anything. I have always wished that I could add sticky notes to specific bits of information on a webpage instead of bookmarking the entire page (it would certainly make organizing the massive amount of information available on the web a whole lot easier); and then I found

A sticker that has the highlighted quote attached

Formerly Stickr, YouSticker takes “sticky” to a whole new level, allowing web users to stick notes on any website, allowing users to directly “bookmark” specific bits of information such as videos, a paragraph in an article instead of having to bookmark the entire webpage, allowing more efficient organisation of information when browsing the web. Not only does it allow you to organise information, Stickr also publishes your stickers onto a Twitter-like feed and allows other users to comment on and like or dislike your stickers, making the sharing of information as social as it could ever be.

YouSticker bar shows the 3 stickers on the webpage

The YouSticker plug-in also shows the user all the stickers on a webpage so one could read what other users had to say about the information on that page.

Embarking on a research assignment on the web? Have a gazillion tabs open on your browser? Get on YouSticker and stick away!

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