YouTube adds some featured tracks and mixing options in its Audio Editing interface

Last month YouTube has already updated the video editing tools which will improve the quality of the video in just ‘one click’. Now the Audio Editing interface has some new cool audio features.

YouTube is a popular video sharing platform and it’s getting more new features recently. Previously, users already have the ability to add music to their video. YouTube has his own music library and now the music library has expanded to more than 150,000 tracks with different kinds of genres! I think the library which provides more than 150,000 tracks should be enough choice for users, right? Users can select genres but also search for a track in the ‘search bar’.

By introducing AudioSwap, users can replace the video’s soundtrack by one of the tracks from the library. AudioSwap is also letting users to mix music by ranging the levels of the sound from ‘soft’ to ‘completely replace’.

YouTube is improving the quality of the video by offering ‘one click’ solution to fix the quality of the video and by introducing AudioSwap for the sound and music.

Most of the videos on YouTube have a poor video quality. Did you notice it? Do you think this will be improved by the new features of YouTube? Let us know your opinion.

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