YouTube app for Android gets an update

Today Google has released the redesigned YouTube app for their Android 4.0 with a strong focus around channels and subscriptions.

The new YouTube app for Android 4.0 is rolling out today in the Google Play Store. This app brings a new channels interface and is letting users browse and add new subscriptions. The preload feature enables users to buffers thei2 latest subscriptions and ‘Watch Later’ lists over Wi-Fi. Just select the ‘preload’ in the setting menu and the videos will be pulled down.

The integrated remote functionality is another new feature which allows users to control playback on connected TVS and other devices.

According to YouTube blog:

Last year we redesigned YouTube with the goal to make it easy and enjoyable to follow the channels you love. We added a guide to the homepage to quickly access your channel subscriptions and a feed of activity showing you the latest and greatest videos from your favorite YouTube channels. Now in the new YouTube app for Android, we’re bringing that experience to the app, while making YouTube better both on the go and at home.

  • Key new features are channel guide, preloading videos from subscribed channels when on WiFi and charging, integrations with YouTube on TVs
  • Preloading is an optional setting that works when you have your phone plugged in and on WiFi. This will help you start playing videos from subscribed channels faster, and can also reduce data and battery use.
  • Available in 47 countries

The YouTube app is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Check it out!

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