YouTube is now available in four more Indian languages


YouTube the video-sharing website is now available in 58 languages. Is it amazing? YouTube is focusing on the Indian market to make the website more accessible for the Indian population. So four Indian regional languages are added Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu.

YouTube has been in India since 2008 and their aim is to reach the entire Indian population.  But how to reach the whole population since India has 30 regional languages? People can already navigate YouTube in five regional languages Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali and Tamil. But from now on, four additional languages as Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu are being added which means people can navigate YouTube in total nine regional languages. So still twenty-one languages to go in order to reach the entire Indian population.

People can navigate the website in nine regional languages, but they can also find some entertainment content in each of these languages. According to WebpronewsFor speakers of Telugu, YouTube has more than 100 films of Tollywood Cinema and a vegetarian cooking channel. Speakers of Kannada can look forward to music, drama and comedy content. Malayalam speakers can get Malayalam cinema videos from YouTube. Finally, Gujarati speakers can access TV9 for news.

By adding these languages YouTube is making improvements since these languages are spoken by almost 200 million Indians. As in the future, YouTube might add more languages to create a global video content.

So,just check it out!

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