YouTube launches ‘one click fix’ for videos

YouTube added some editing tools which are so useful to improve the quality of the online video. Just in ‘one click’ and it will fix the shaky or poor lighting conditions!

Everyone experienced before to be disappointed of the video because of the bad quality. Sometimes the video really suffers from ‘augmented-darkness-levels’ or ‘shaky hand’ which people cannot receive the message or enjoy the video. The reason to upload on YouTube is to share your cool, funny or awesome video though!

YouTube is now offering a one click solution to improve the quality of your crappy video. This ‘one click’ solution includes Colour Correct and Stabilise to improve to quality of the video. If you want to make use of a fixup, you first need to upload your vide and you will see a notification bar on the Upload page and in your Video Manager. Then you just need to click the button to fix it, just ‘one click’. A side-by-side preview will appear and you can make a choice whether you want to get back to the original version of your video.

This will definitely make the sharing content more interesting as many people don’t think about the quality at the moment of capturing.  I think that this new tool would avoid more and more poorly and grainy videos on YouTube. Did you notice that the quality of most videos is very poor on YouTube?

Well, this update will roll out over the next few days, so it is coming soon. I am really curious how great this ‘one click fix’ would be. And you?

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