YouTube Live and Kicking!

It’s not so often that my favorite band goes out to play at a concert near my area. The kind of band that I won’t eat lunch for just to save on money and get front row seats. It would be awesome if I’d be given a chance to watch them for free, and without the sweaty fan girls pushing me away (although I myself might be one of those fan girls).

In recent years, YouTube has been toying with the idea of live streaming, from concerts by U2 to interviews with President Barack Obama. At present, the website is planning to expand its live-streaming capabilities by opening up to select partners such as musicians like The Gregory Brothers and The Mystery Guitar Man. “We’re curious to see how our partners leverage and use this platform,” says Chris Hamilton, YouTube’s product marketing manager. These partners can interact with their audiences in real time not only through the live video but also through chat modules so the viewers have the option of asking questions or give feedback. Its first live streaming aired last Friday at 7 p.m. – The DigiTour Live from Google HQ which was a tour that showcased popular YouTube musicians.

A page will be dedicated to the medium ( where it will be convenient for users to find out which shows are streaming live, as well as the upcoming events and other channels that they might be interested in. YouTube is also working on live sports streaming but they did not give specific details regarding this.

I definitely can’t wait to see my favorite bands live! Which bands do you want to see perform on YouTube?

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