Youtube steps into social media field

YouTube homepage has been redesigned to offer viewers more personalized experience putting emphasis on social features. In the middle of brand new homepage there is an activity feed view while the left side integrates Facebook and Google Plus, suggests channels and subscriptions. The Subscription feeds include algorithmically determined video uploads, and with one click viewer can see videos shared by his friends on Facebook and Google Plus networks. The least changes are on the right side of homepage that is filled with ads and recommendations.

Even though new YouTube homepage is more personalized than ever before and looks like Facebook, the main emphasis is put on Channel redesign. Channel-centric strategy started earlier this year with “homepage feed” feature has putted subscribed channels in the middle of homepage. This is crucial step before launching 100 online video channels in partnership with media companies next year. The goal is to make YouTube more like cable TV increasing time users spend on website and in this way generating revenues.

Though it will take time to prove a commercial aspect of YouTube’s new strategy as well as new revamp needs to be approved by users. So far the video about YouTube received more “dislikes”.

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