YouTube ‘Suggested Videos’ now based on engagement, not just ‘clicks’

Previously, YouTube recommended videos which were ranked by how many people clicked on a specific video. This way of ranking would prevent videos with deeper engagement from being seen. YouTube has made some changes in order to make the recommended videos more interesting and relevant. Did you notice that?

The recommended videos were based on ‘clicks’ which will make the recommended list not relevant for everyone. Creators are using techniques to make an interesting thumbnail which will boost up the views. Many times, the thumbnail image is not related to the video which is quite misleading!

The misleading thumbnails were an important factor for YouTube to make some changes to serve up more relevant videos by ranking the videos on the longest viewing time. That will be prioritized instead of the view count only, because otherwise people will end up often with videos which are not interesting for them. According to YouTube:

 “This is great for viewers because they’ll be able to watch more enjoyable content; moreover, this is great for creators because it can help build more focused and engaged audiences’’

By ranking the videos on viewing time, it could affect the difference between a 30-seconds video and a one-minute video. Don’t you think that people would rather watch 30 seconds of a one-minute video instead of watching 30 seconds of a 30-seconds video? However, YouTube is trying to make it clear it will be more relevant and more engaging content for viewers.

Would you optimize your videos in order to get your video in the recommended list? Or do you think that this way of ranking is still not the right way to recommend a video?

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