Zynga Latest Game Is Actually A Privacy Policy

To educate users about their privacy policy, Zynga has creatively designed a game to reward players for learning more about it.

The game, PrivacyVille lets users know more about the types of information Zynga collects and how it is used and what their choice are for the information. It is modeled after their most popular game, CityVille. Important sections of their Privacy Policy and resources about controlling information online will be covered in the game-like tutorial.

Players will be rewarded for playing the game. There is no need to be connected to Facebook or be registered as a Zynga player to tour PrivacyVille. But you can choose to connect to Zynga’s RewardVille and claim zPaints that can be used to redeem unique virtual items as a reward for walking through PrivacyVille.

However, the game are not supposed to be treated as a replacement of privacy policy. It is just a fun place to learn general knowledge about their online privacy.

Nowadays, websites are making learning experience more fun than before. Another example will be the comics for Google Chrome which Google used to educate users about the advantage of using Google Chrome.





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