Zynga Launches Chinese Version of CityVille

Partnering with China Internet giant Tencent, Zynga will release a new localized Chinese version of CityVille in the next few days. Beta version of the game will be operated by Tencent on its Pengyou platform and will soon launched on the company’s QZone platform.

The game will feature brand-new content and pop culture in China. There will be decorations and architecture the Chinese audience can identity and connect with, in-game events and competitions linked to Chinese holidays and news. Culturally relevant game mechanics such as the chance for players to send street peddlers to their friend’s cities will also be included.

With TenCent’s Open Platform, Zynga allows Chinese player to play Zynga City in their own language. The reason Tencent chooses CityVille as their next localized game is CityVille is the Zynga’s largest and most popular game.

Tencent hopes to expand to North Americe and Europe with the partnership. For Zynga, partnership with Tencent will let them reach for a huge user base of hundreds of millions in China. Besides, Zynga will not depend only on Facebook as a major platform anymore.













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